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2018 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 9-Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 6-BOD M

Mar - 6-BOD

Apr - BOD  / Industry Dinner Meeting

May - 8-BOD

May 25 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament

June -12-BOD  

July - 10-BOD

Aug - No Meetings

Sept - 5 BOD Meeting

Sept - 7-10-TIAC Conference 

Oct - 23 - BOD Meeting

Nov - 15 - BOD / AGM / Dinner Presentation with Ronald Coleman (Executive Suites Hotel Bby)

Dec - 8 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino Rmd.

Dec - 18 - BOD / BOD Luncheon


BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate Program


BCICA - “Saving Energy for the Future”

When it comes to mechanical insulation (MI) systems, the members of the British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) have been “Saving Energy for the Future” - for over 50 years. How is this possible? Simply. Do the job right the first time by paying attention to details as specified by the design authority. Use materials that adhere to accepted industry standards. Follow best practices wherever mechanical insulation is installed by employing Red Seal qualified tradespersons. Work to the specifications and standards specifically developed for mechanical insulation professionals, the Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual, published by the BCICA.

For over five decades, the Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual (QSMIM) has been the publication of choice by conscientious members off the design community. Architects, engineers, mechanical insulation consultants, and private and public procurement officials, individuals who regard energy conservation as a cornerstone of the design process, turn to the QSMIM for design considerations for all mechanical insulation applications.

The increasing trend in the construction industry of minimization or complete elimination of insulation as a cost savings measure has raised concerns within the Association. Adding to that concern is apprehension among BCICA members about the use of non-certified materials as well as poor installation practices that has infiltrated the mechanical insulation industry over the past decade.

Quality Assurance Certificate Program

In order to combat this development the BCICA Board of Directors contracted with several consultants to develop a comprehensive Quality Assurance Certificate Program (QACP). The QAC Program is a means of ensuring that the most energy efficient and appropriate levels of insulation are specified and properly installed whenever and wherever mechanical insulation systems are specified.

In order to obtain a QAC, the work must be meet the follow rigorous standards:

  1. The mechanical insulation must be installed by qualified journeypersons or apprentices registered in the Red Seal trade of Heat and Frost.
  2. The installation must meet or exceed the standards published in the BCICA Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual (QSMIM)
  3. Materials specified must meet a technical review to ensure that they comply with appropriate industry standards and specifications. Materials accepted for use in the QAC Program must be listed in the BCICA Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual (QSMIM).
  4. During the installation of the work, a purpose-trained independent inspector that has completed the BCIT Mechanical Insulation Inspection Program and is designated by BCICA to inspect QAC work must carry out inspection and reporting.
  5. Certification will be on a per project basis.

“Saving Energy for the Future” is an uncomplicated process. It includes following proven design principles that are uncompromised. If done so, these design values ensure that investors realize a reasonable and timely return on investment, building owners, residents or tenants realize reduced operational costs during the lifecycle of the building they live and work in, and finally, public leaders can take pride in knowing that energy conservation is a principle worth supporting for all stakeholders within their community.

BCICA is Saving Energy for the Future with a Quality Assurance Certificate Program that is efficient, cost effective, does not compromise design principles, and best of all, it is not complicated!