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2019 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 15 - Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 12 - BOD 

Mar - 12 - BOD

Mar - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Apr - 16 - BOD  

Apr - 24 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 14 - BOD

May - 29 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 28-31- EFMA Conterence in Penticton

May - 31 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament at North View (REGISTER EARLY)

June - 04 - BOD  

June - 26 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

July - 09 - BOD

July - 31 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Aug - 24 -  TIAC Conference (Montreal)

Sept - 10 - BOD 

Sept - 25 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Oct - 15 - BOD 

Oct - 30 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

       Nov - 12 - BOD / AGM

       Nov - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Dec - 7 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino (LIMITED SEATING - REGISTER EARLY)

Dec - 10 - BOD Meeting / BOD Luncheon



Associate Members "step up" and Supply Materials

When the call went out for material donations in support of the BCICA Inspector Training Program, the associate members did not hesitate in offering to supply everything required to ensure that prospective inspectors had the opportunity to experience working with the latest and best materials availalbe to professional mechanical contractors.

BCICA partnered with BCIT to develop and facilitate four courses designed to prepare qualified individuals for mechanical inspection work. Three of the courses, PPGS 1110, 1120 and 1130 are online and can be accessed from any internet connection. However, PPGS 1140 requires students to attend a two day "hands on" workshop at the BCIT Campus in Burnaby BC. PPGS 1140 provides students with an opportunity to view mechanical insulation installed incorrectly in order to prepare them for actual field inspection. It offers students a chance to observe and complete an observational report that helps prepare them to identify work that is deficient and does not meet industry best practices.

BCICA wishes to thank all of our Associate Members for their support of the various initiatives undertaken by the association to promote professionalism in the mechanical insulation industry. In particular the BCICA Board wishes to acknowledge the material contributions to the PPGS 1140 course from All Therm Services Inc., BrockWhite Construction Materials Inc., Nu-West Construction Products Inc., Shur-fit Products Ltd., and Winroc-SPI.

Thanks to everyone for your generous contributions and continuous support for professional mechanical contractors. 





Journal of Commerce |  by RUSSELL HIXSON   |   Mar 16, 2016

WorkSafeBC is appealing a B.C. Supreme Court ruling that rejected the regulator’s urging to find a company in contempt of an order to follow asbestos safety laws.

On Feb. 26, the court ruled against WorkSafeBC’s application for a finding that Mike Singh and Shawn Singh of Seattle Environmental Consulting Ltd, are in contempt of an earlier order of the court, which required that they abide by a Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Justice George Macintosh dismissed the WorkSafeBC contempt application against the pair and their firm Seattle Environmental, saying that safety laws and regulations were “voluminous and complex” and that “to most observers it would be like looking through the Income Tax Act.”

Although written reasons for judgment have not yet been provided by the court, WorkSafeBC stated it intends to file a notice of appeal to protect its right to appeal the decision. The appeal will ask the B.C. Court of Appeal for clarity regarding the scope of the court’s injunction powers under and the ability of the court to enforce those powers.

The BC Insulators Union, the BC Federation of Labour and the Hazardous Materials Association of BC issued a release saying they were “shocked and dismayed” at the decision.

Lee Loftus, business manager of the BC Insulators Union, who also suffers from asbestos exposure, was stunned.

“We waited years for the court to send a powerful warning to any asbestos contractor that if they fail to follow the laws and regulations set up for the safety of their workers and themselves – they would be severely punished – even sent to jail,” Loftus said.

Loftus noted that Seattle Environmental received 237 orders by WorkSafeBC to follow the asbestos safety regulations between 2007 and 2012, and 37 counts documented by WorkSafeBC since 2013.

“What’s complex, is trying to protect the safety of asbestos removal workers when the courts refuse to take action in even the most outrageous cases of repeated violations regarding a substance that kills more workers in B.C. than any other,” Loftus says.

“Ask the families of the 60 workers who died in 2015 in B.C. from illness caused by asbestos exposure if the laws and regulations are too complex.”

B.C. Federation of Labour president Irene Lanzinger said the court decision throws the entire system of worker health and safety laws and regulations into jeopardy — and is calling on WorkSafeBC to appeal and for the provincial government to take immediate action to protect all worker lives.

“This is an absolute shock to all workers — despite evidence of multiple violations of WorkSafeBC laws and regulations and after a clear warning from the B.C. Supreme Court to obey those laws. Today the court has refused to enforce that order and impose appropriate penalties,” Lanzinger said.

“We now have a crisis in worker health and safety. If asbestos removal workers are in jeopardy due to laws and regulations not being enforced, so is every other worker in B.C. Employers who put their workers in harm’s way must be held accountable,” says Lanzinger.

Don Whyte, executive director of the Hazardous Materials Association of B.C., says responsible contractors that strive to comply with the regulations, are bound to lose faith in the system, and will now begin to question the entire regulatory regime.

“Why bother complying, if there are no consequences for non-compliance?” Whyte said.

“You don’t have to follow the orders, you don’t have to pay the penalty sanctions.”

He added that the decision suggests that you don’t need to follow the law if it is too complicated.

“If the courts won’t enforce the law when WorkSafeBC evidence indicates that the laws were repeatedly violated, then where does that leave us?” he said.

He explained that it also hurts the competitiveness of firms that take care to follow safety regulations.

“Are the legitimate contractors now going to start circumventing the regulations in order to remain competitive?” he said.

“Does this decision mean that we don’t need to comply with the Workers’ Compensation Act, or Occupational Health and Safety Regulation?”


New Associate Member

The BCICA Board is pleased to announce that TB Concept Inc. manufacturers of Insuguard, has recently joined BCICA as an Associate Member. TB Concept Inc. has offices in Montreal and Calgary and can be reached at http://www.insuguard.com/contact/. TB Concept Inc. has named Mr. Gerald Blair as their BCICA "Corporate Representative". As such, he will be the recipient of information and updates from BCICA pertaining to membership in the association. Mr. Blair can be contacted directly at gblair@insuguard.com. We congratulate TB Concept Inc. on becoming an BCICA Associate Member and look forward to their participation in BCICA membership activities. 



"Managing Your Accounts Receivable"

More than 25 registrants turned out to hear Ronald Coleman speak about strategies for "Managing Your Accounts Receivable" at an informal Lunch & Learn held at the Best Western Conference Centre on March 16, 2016. Collecting money owed for completed work has long been an issue for small businesses, especially in the construction sector. As someone who has considerable experience advising trade contractors on financial issues, Mr. Coleman did not disappoint. Using Irish humour (after all, it was the day before St. Patrick's Day), coupled with his expertise as an accountant familiar with the challanges faced by small business owners, Mr. Coleman provided BCICA Members with strategies designed to increase cash flow and ensure that a company has fewer bad debts, lower finance charges, better discounts from suppliers, higher profits and lower risk. Employing a simplified checklist, Mr. Coleman was able to bring clarity to the A/R process and illustrate how small business owners can introduce internal procedures to maximize cash flow. Participants had several questions for Ronald pertaining to their respective businesses and he in turn offered to review financial information for individual companies. Ronald also reminded the audience that this presentation was but an introduction to a full workshop on Managing the Collection of A/R, a workshop that he is prepared to deliver to BCICA members individually or as a group. Visit Coleman Management Services Inc. at www.ronaldcoleman.ca. for more information. BCICA has scheduled two additional Lunch & Learns this year, June 15 and September 14, as a mechanism to encourage BCICA Members to meet informally and discuss industry as well as business issues. 


Lunch and Learn in March

In an effort to establish new opportunities for BCICA Members the BCICA Board has invited Ronald Colman to present a series of workshops during 2016. Ronald Colman has been providing business advice to contractors for over three decades and is considered the  "go to" expert for trades contractors looking for efficiencies that will grow their businesses.

The topic of the March Lunch & Learn is Managing Your Accounts Receivable. This workshop is targeted at senior management and those responsible for a company's accounts receivable. The workshop will cover the key issues that a company owner needs to implement and monitor to improve the collections process. A detailed workbook is included.

This is an opportune time for BCICA Members to have a working lunch with their colleagues and obtain information of value for thier business.



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