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2018 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 9-Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 6-BOD M

Mar - 6-BOD

Apr - BOD  / Industry Dinner Meeting

May - 8-BOD

   25 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament

June -12-BOD  

July - 10-BOD

Aug - No Meetings

Sept - 4 BOD

 7-10-TIAC Conference 

Oct - 9-BOD / AGM 

Nov - 13-BOD

Dec - 8 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino

Dec - BOD Luncheon



MI News - September 2015 Issue


If you would like printed copies of either the MI Newsletter, or the QAC Information Handout, please contact Molly at: office@bcica.org.

Please provide your Company Name and the Number of Copies of:  1 - Newsletter and / or 2. QAC Information Handout. Copies will be sent to you as quickly as possible.




QAC Ads Catching the Attention of the Mechanical Industry

BCICA's eye catching ads are having the desired effect. Having appeared in the TIAC Times, the Sheet Metal Journal, OPPs Magazine, MCABC publications as well as other print and web media, the QAC ad campaign has incouraged more mechanical contractors to contact BCICA members to inquire about the Quality Assurance Certificate program. As interest grows so does the the number of QAC specified jobs. For now, Integral Group is leading the way having made the QAC part of it's master specification. BC Hydro has also specified a QAC on a retro-fit on one of their older sites. Inspectors are currently inspecting several jobs in the Vancouver area so BCICA members are advised to keep an eye out for QAC's on every specification.



Construction Associations Sector Advisory Group

BCICA participated in the Construction Associations Sector Advisory Group (SAG) meeting recently called by the Industry Training Authority (ITA). The meeting, a suprise to the members of the Council of Construction Trades Associations (COCTA), can only be regarded as a clear acknowledgement by govenment of the value that trades associations bring to the table. The ITA had indicated in an earlier meeting that trade contractors, rather than trade association managers, were the best resource when advising government on policy regarding apprenticeship training. With the inclusion of construction trade association managers in future discussions by the construciton sector SAG, it is clear that BCICA, MCABC, ECABC, BCCA, SMACNA, as well as smaller trade associations, will bring valuable experience and knowledge to the discussion on topics involving apprenticeship training. 


Public project contractors required to sponsor apprentices

VICTORIA - The B.C. government’s new Apprentices on Public Projects policy is going to connect more young people to the skills and training they need to be first in line for careers in construction, Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour announced today.

The new policy will leverage government’s multi-billion dollar annual investment in infrastructure by requiring contractors working on major public construction projects like schools, roads, bridges and hospitals with a $15-million-plus government investment to sponsor apprentices through the entire project cycle and report on their on-project use prior to receiving their final payment. The policy applies to projects tendered after July 1, 2015.

The policy aims to ensure British Columbians are trained to fill the million job openings expected between now and 2022 - with 44% in the skilled trades and technical occupations. It will also help meet the labour workforce requirements of private sector projects - a key goal given last week’s agreement between the Province and Pacific NorthWest LNG setting the stage for a potential $36-billion investment. 

The policy helps deliver on B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint launched one year ago to re-engineer education and training so B.C. is connecting people with the skills required for in demand jobs.

Much of the driving force to increase opportunities for apprenticeship sponsorship comes from recommendations made in two reports: the McDonald ITA Report and the Premier’s Liquefied Natural Gas Working Group, which aspires to a goal of having 25% of overall workforce on LNG-related construction projects to be apprenticeable trades. Government also held extensive consultations with stakeholders from the construction industry.

Beyond the requirement for projects over $15 million, the government also encourages companies working on smaller projects to put apprentices to work and to share reports on apprentices being employed.


EFMA - Another Acronym, Another QAC opportunity

The Educational Facilities Managers Association (EFMA) held its 20th Conference and Trade Show in Penticton once again and this year BCICA was an exhibitor. Why EFMA and why did BCICA attend? Just imagine some of your best customers, customers that are from around the province, customers responsible for new and retrofit projects of various sizes, customers charged with reducing capital as well as operational costs while at the same time demonstrating energy savings, customers familar with mechanical systems and the inportance of a clean and efficient boiler room - and there you have it - the members if EFMA, an organization as old as BCICA and consisting of profesionals responsible for the operation and maintennce of the public school system in B.C. 

Attending EFMA also presented BCICA with the opportunity to speak face to face with several mechanical engineering consultants as well as representatives of BC Hydro and Fortis BC. BCICA was on had to promote the value of mechanical insulation in the energy conservation formula and how specification of the Quality Assurance Certificate program assists building owners with the process of "saving energy for the future".




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