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Upcoming Events

2018 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 9-Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 6-BOD M

Mar - 6-BOD

Apr - BOD  / Industry Dinner Meeting

May - 8-BOD

May 25 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament

June -12-BOD  

July - 10-BOD

Aug - No Meetings

Sept - 5 BOD Meeting

Sept - 7-10-TIAC Conference 

Oct - 23 - BOD Meeting

Nov - 15 - BOD / AGM / Dinner Presentation with Ronald Coleman (Executive Suites Hotel Bby)

Dec - 8 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino Rmd.

Dec - 18 - BOD / BOD Luncheon



"Managing Your Accounts Receivable"

More than 25 registrants turned out to hear Ronald Coleman speak about strategies for "Managing Your Accounts Receivable" at an informal Lunch & Learn held at the Best Western Conference Centre on March 16, 2016. Collecting money owed for completed work has long been an issue for small businesses, especially in the construction sector. As someone who has considerable experience advising trade contractors on financial issues, Mr. Coleman did not disappoint. Using Irish humour (after all, it was the day before St. Patrick's Day), coupled with his expertise as an accountant familiar with the challanges faced by small business owners, Mr. Coleman provided BCICA Members with strategies designed to increase cash flow and ensure that a company has fewer bad debts, lower finance charges, better discounts from suppliers, higher profits and lower risk. Employing a simplified checklist, Mr. Coleman was able to bring clarity to the A/R process and illustrate how small business owners can introduce internal procedures to maximize cash flow. Participants had several questions for Ronald pertaining to their respective businesses and he in turn offered to review financial information for individual companies. Ronald also reminded the audience that this presentation was but an introduction to a full workshop on Managing the Collection of A/R, a workshop that he is prepared to deliver to BCICA members individually or as a group. Visit Coleman Management Services Inc. at www.ronaldcoleman.ca. for more information. BCICA has scheduled two additional Lunch & Learns this year, June 15 and September 14, as a mechanism to encourage BCICA Members to meet informally and discuss industry as well as business issues. 


Lunch and Learn in March

In an effort to establish new opportunities for BCICA Members the BCICA Board has invited Ronald Colman to present a series of workshops during 2016. Ronald Colman has been providing business advice to contractors for over three decades and is considered the  "go to" expert for trades contractors looking for efficiencies that will grow their businesses.

The topic of the March Lunch & Learn is Managing Your Accounts Receivable. This workshop is targeted at senior management and those responsible for a company's accounts receivable. The workshop will cover the key issues that a company owner needs to implement and monitor to improve the collections process. A detailed workbook is included.

This is an opportune time for BCICA Members to have a working lunch with their colleagues and obtain information of value for thier business.




2016 Calendar of Events

January BOD Meeting January 20
March BOD / Lunch & Learn
"Managing Your Accounts Receivable"
Ronald Coleman
March 16
April BOD Meeting April 20
May BOD Meeting

Annual Mesothelioma Golf Tournament
NorthVew Golf and Country Club

EFMA Conference and Trade Show
May 18

May 27

May 30
June EFMA Presentation - Mechanical Insulation,
An Energy Conservation Solution

EFMA - Penticton, BC

BOD / Lunch & LearnTopic / Speaker TBA
June 2 (3-5 p.m. Rm.1)

June 5

June 15
July BOD Meeting July 20
September BOD / Lunch & Learn
Topic / Speaker TBA

TIAC 2016 Annual Conference
Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
September 14

September 17-20
October BOD Meeting October 19
November BOD / AGM / Christmas Party
Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre
4331 Dominion St., Burnaby, B.C.
November 26
December BOD Luncheon December 7

Inspection Classes Continue

The QAC program continues to grow and so too is the need for qualified mechanical insulation inspectors. The BCICA / BCIT Mechanical Insulation Inspection Program is the only one of its kind in North America. Two courses, PPGS 1230 (on line) and PPGS 1240 (2 days on site at BCIT) will be offered early in 2016. 


  1. PPGS 1230 January 18 - March 11
  2. PPGS 1240 March 18 / 19


Contact Matt_Magee@bcit.ca or brian.bcica@telus.net to register. 


President's Report for Fiscal 2014 /2015


BCICA Presidents Report Fiscal 2014 / 2015

First of all I would like to thank my fellow Directors. Over the past year they have provided unwavering support for the objecctives of BCICA. As volunteers, their help has ensured that BCICA continues to progress into an organization truly representative of professional mechanical insulation contractors throughout the Province. I would also like to acknowledge the work that Molly and Brian have done for the association. They help keep us on task and ensure that Board policy and day to day administrative tasks are carried out.

So, another fiscal year is behind us and as I said, it has been busy. Our focus has obviously been on the QAC. Every Board meeting has included information and strategies designed to further develop and promote the Quality Assurance Certificate Program.

Because the QAC will requre more inspectors , the first of four courses began at BCITinFebruary.Twelveindividualswereenrolledandall12completedthe1stand 2nd coureses this year. We expect about half of those registed to make themselves available as inspectors once the last two courses are complete next year. Five individuals with many years as mechanical insulators also completerd a one day workshop with Brian that introduced them to the QAC Inspection Program. We currently have three inspectors designated by the BCICA Board to inspect QAC work.

Youcannothaveaprogramwithoutafeestructure.Thiswasobviouslyahotitem, debated over may meetings with several variations considered. Thankfully the Board reached a decision on the QAC Fee Structure which, given by the increase in QAC jobs, has not priced QAC work out of the market and in fact, may have provided BCICA members with additional opportunities to increase profitability.

Bonding has been another issue that was discussed at many meetings. I am happy to report that all our commercial members have met this membership requirement. Bonding is identified as a cornerstone of the QAC Program as well as a measurement of the professionals that belong to BCICA.

Advertising and promotion have been identified as key to getting the QAC “value proposition”out to mechanical engineers, mechanical, contractors, school boards and procurement officers at all levels of government. I am sure that by now all of you have seen some of the ads promoting the QAC in thought provoking ways. Ads have appeared in the Sheet Metal Journal, the MCABC Informer, the Journal of Commerce, the TIAC Times, the OPPs Magazine (Educational Facilities Managers), the ASHRAE newsletter and more...

By more I mean that presentations have been made to various mechanical engineering firms and BCICA has appeared at the EFMA (educational facilties managers association) Conference last summer and will be presenting at the conference next year. With a recent Lunch & Learn for BCICA Members that outlined the administration of the QAC Program, it is clear that associaton resources have been expended in every area to ensure that the QAC Progarm is successful

The BCICA Golf Tournament in support of Mesothelioma Research reached new heights this past year and I applaud all of the volunteers, Associate Members for their sponsorship and donations, Local 118 for its continuing support and especially Andre Pachon and his wife Judy for their continuing work to promote this worthwhile event. How successful you wonder? I will let Andre fill you in on that issue when he gives his Treasurers Report.

This has been a critical year in the history of the association and the continued development of the QAC Program. Without the vision, cooperation and focus of yourBoardofDirectorsthisworkcouldnothavebeendone.Withoutthesupportof consciencious staff, this work could not have been done. But especially, without your support and your commitment to a program that many said was not possible in our industry, the Quality Assurance Certificate Program would not be where it is today.

Thanks to everyone for making BCICA the “voice of professional mechanical contractors” and I look forward to “saving energy for the future” for some time to come. 

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