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2019 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 15 - Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 12 - BOD 

Mar - 12 - BOD

Mar - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Apr - 16 - BOD  

Apr - 24 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 14 - BOD

May - 29 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 28-31- EFMA Conterence in Penticton

May - 31 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament at North View (REGISTER EARLY)

June - 04 - BOD  

June - 26 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

July - 09 - BOD

July - 31 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Aug - 24 -  TIAC Conference (Montreal)

Sept - 10 - BOD 

Sept - 25 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Oct - 15 - BOD 

Oct - 30 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

       Nov - 12 - BOD / AGM

       Nov - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Dec - 7 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino (LIMITED SEATING - REGISTER EARLY)

Dec - 10 - BOD Meeting / BOD Luncheon



2014 BCICA Mesothelioma Fundraiser Golf Tournament

Thank you!
On behalf of the BC Insulation Contractors Association and the BC Cancer Agency, we would like to thank you for your support of the 7th Annual BCICA Mesothelioma Golf Fundraiser held at Northview Golf and Country Club on May 30th, 2014.
BCICA is proud to announce a 2014 fundraising total of $50,696. This brings our seven year total to an
amazing $281,981.00 for the Western Canadian Mesothelioma Fund.
The success of the event in large part is attributed to all the golfers, volunteers, sponsors and other generous
contributors who literally "made our day." We were blessed to have beautiful blue skies and were fortunate to have 136 guests attend this remarkable example of an industry working together.



BCICA - Demonstrating Leadership Through Reorganization and Renewal

The BCICA has undergone significant changes during the past twelve months. The association has reorganized and repositioned itself as an organization representing everything professional when it comes to the installation, manufacture and distribution of mechanical insulation systems in British Columbia. In order to begin with “the end in mind” it was essential to review BCICA’s organizational structure and ensure that the association could embark on a set of goals that would essentially change the vision of BCICA. The following information will help readers to understand the enormity of this restructuring process and the potential benefits, not only for the mechanical insulation industry, but also, for energy conservation everywhere.

  1. Constitution and Bylaws
    Over as year ago, the BCICA Board hired a consultant to review, reorganize and rewrite the constitution and bylaws. There were three primary reasons for doing so. First, to modernize the existing constitution and bylaws and to ensure that they complied with current reporting requirements. Secondly, they were rewritten to ensure that the association and its members were prepared for the move to a more professional organization, one guided by rules designed to identify BCICA members as the best in the mechanical insulation business. And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, the constitution and bylaws were rewritten to develop a framework for the introduction of a Quality Assurance Certificate Program (QACP), part of the vision for revitalization envisioned by the Board of Directors. Notice for the introduction of the new BCICA Constitution and Bylaws was circulated to the membership in April of 2012 and on May 10, 2012, the new BCICA Constitution and Bylaws was adopted.  
  2. Policies and Procedures
    It is not unusual for a small association, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, to have an informal way of dealing with the day-to-day activities of the association. The Board makes decisions; an individual Director chairs a specific committee and, assisted by a p/t staff person, carries out the work. BCICA has followed that model for many years with modest success. However, in order to grow the membership and deliver added value to current members, new Policies and Procedures were created to assist the Board as well as staff, to make decisions regarding the governance of the association. On September 20, 2012, after several drafts and months of review, the Board adopted a new Policies and Procedures Manual for Governance of the Association as well as Implementation and Management of a BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate Program. 
  3. Quality Assurance Certificate Program (QACP)
    This is a classic chicken and egg challenge. How can a quality assurance program be developed that has all of the required components such as: qualified contractors, material that meets / exceeds industry standards, independent inspectors qualified to inspect mechanical insulation systems, as well as an administration system capable of managing a QAC Program? In addition, to be successful, such a program requires branding, marketing and communication initiatives designed to promote a QACP to the specifying community, all this, without jeopardizing success of the initiative because a significant element was overlooked or is still “under construction”!

    The answer is a singular vision and hard work by the BCICA Board of Directors. The Quality Assurance Certificate Program (QACP) will soon be available for mechanical insulation installations that specify a BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) on new and / or retrofit buildings. The BCICA QAC Program will be marketed to mechanical insulation consultants, engineering firms, and related decision makers at all levels of government, as well as private developers and owners looking for operational cost savings while meeting new energy conservation guidelines. The Energy Efficiency Branch of the Provincial Government is an enthusiastic supporter of this new initiative which is intended to be a cost effective quality assurance option that assures the use of quality materials, installation by qualified journeypersons and independent inspection by qualified and purpose trained inspectors.
  4. Inspector Training
    A specific program to instruct individuals on how to inspect mechanical insulation systems did not exist, until recently. The BCICA Board, with the help of subject matter experts, partnered with BCIT to develop and deliver a program for mechanical insulation inspectors. The theoretical portion of the inspection course is available online. The “hands on” practicum is facilitated on site at BCIT in the same building where heat and frost apprentices practice installation procedures. In order to ensure that the program content, delivery mechanism and testing procedures met expectations, a small cohort of insulation industry specialists completed the courses and made recommendations that were incorporated into the final program. The Mechanical Insulation Inspection Courses are now available online at BCIT. BCICA has retained sole ownership of the program

    A second cohort of inspectors is currently enrolled at BCIT and will complete the program shortly. The members of this group all belong to the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). ASTTBC has endorsed the inspection program and recognize it as a key element in a regulated and independently inspected quality assurance program. Qualified independent inspectors will ensure that architects, engineers, building owners, residents and tenants have a mechanical insulation system that is engineered for value and complies with the scope of work specified.   

  5. Inspection Manual 
    The inspection manual is complete. This document provides all the policies, procedures, forms and processes for the issuance of a Quality Assurance Certificate. The manual will be available to BCICA Members shortly. It will assist Active Members (contractors) with the costs of providing the QAC when specified. The manual will only be available to inspectors that are “accepted” by BCICA to conduct inspections on behalf of the association. In addition to completing the BCIT Program, accepted inspectors will be required to attend a BCICA Inspection Manual Workshop and write an exam to ensure familiarity on the requirements for a QAC.

  6. The BCICA Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual (QSMIM)
    The manual, used to define the scope of work and develop specifications for mechanical insulation systems, is in the final stages of review by members of the BCICA Board and Technical Committee. A list of materials manufactured by associate members of BCICA will also be published in the manual. The list will contain only materials reviewed by the Technical Committee and “accepted” for use in the QAC Program. A qualified “spec writer” has been retained to examine and guide the manual revision process as well as to ensure that it conforms with the relevant sections of the building code and makes the appropriate references when specifying a mechanical insulation product accepted for use in a QAC and listed in the QSMIM.
  7. Marketing
    The BCICA Logo as well as the phrase, “saving energy for the future”, are a recognizable brand and marque that truly describes the value proposition (conserving energy, cost effectiveness, green initiative) with which the Quality Assurance Certificate Program is associated. The website is constantly updated and a well know design firm has been engaged to develop the necessary marketing, presentation and ad copy materials necessary a successful QAC Program. Power point presentations have been developed and will be offered to specifying groups that have already expressed interest in the QACP. 

  8. Support
    Meetings have already been held with the Director of the BC Government Energy Efficiency Branch, Mr. Andrew Pape-Salmon. Mr. Pape-Salmon provided enthusiastic support for the QACP as an industry initiative that very closely aligns to public energy conservation policies, objectives and standards. Mr. Pape-Salmon has also provided supportive introductions to decision makers at Fortis BC, BC Hydro, and engineering staff at the City of Vancouver. These energy conservation leaders, as well as representatives of municipalities, school boards, private building owners, building maintenance companies and those responsible for tendering new and retrofit projects designed to meet the latest energy conservation targets, all recognize that a quality assurance program will produce measurable results for building owners concerned about return on investment as well as reducing both short and long term operational costs.

  9. Membership
    BCICA has been an incorporated trade association for over 50 years. Although small, BCICA represents professional mechanical insulation contractors, both union and open shop, dedicated to quality in every aspect of the mechanical insulation industry. Such dedication to professionalism is evident in the fact that BCICA companies invest in apprenticeship training and employ qualified heat and frost (a Redseal trade) journeypersons. Members install products manufactured by companies dedicated to producing insulating materials that meet industry best practices and comply with recognized standards and specifications. And finally, with the introduction of a Quality Assurance Certificate Program, BCICA members are inviting a level of oversight that further speaks to their confidence in the work they do and the professionalism that identifies BCICA Members as unique in the mechanical insulation industry.  

The renewal of BCICA is part of a larger vision to create a professional organization looked upon as a leader in the mechanical insulation industry. The steps taken so far are part of that plan however additional preparation, resources, and support will be required to ensure that this vision is brought to fruition. There is no doubt that a revitalized organization, coupled with enthusiastic support for the Quality Assurance Certificate Program, will be a tangible measure of success. The Board of Directors is confident that BCICA Members, as well as those companies that recognize the value of a strong and progressive mechanical insulation organization, will recognize these ideas as ushering in a new era of professionalism for the mechanical insulation industry.

On Behalf of the BCICA Board, thank you for taking the time to review BCICA’s new web site. For further information, or if you have any questions or comments about the organization, membership, or the Quality Assurance Certificate Program, please contact:

Brian Hofler M.ED.,
P: 604-438-6616
F: 604-438-6525
E: brian.bcica@telus.net

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