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2019 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 15 - Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 12 - BOD 

Mar - 12 - BOD

Apr - 16 - BOD  

May - 14 - BOD

May - 24 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament at North View (REGISTER EARLY)

May - 28-31- EFMA Conterence in Penticton

June -04 - BOD  

July - 09 - BOD

Aug - 24 -  TIAC Conference (Montreal)

Sept - 10 - BOD 

Oct - 15 - BOD 

Nov - 12 - BOD / AGM 

Dec - 7 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino (LIMITED SEATING - REGISTER EARLY)

Dec - 10 - BOD Meeting / BOD Luncheon




BCICA held it's Annual General Meeting on November 29th at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre. The AGM was preceded by a regular meeting of the Board of Directors as well as a Luncheon for all members attending the AGM.

President, Mr. Joe O'Donnell, reported on some of the activities that took place during the past year paying particular attention to the success of the annual Mesothelioma Golf Tournament and the efforts of all those involved in it's success. He went on to speak about the Quality Assurance Certificate program, as well as the work done by the members of the Technical Committee to complete the new Quality Standards Manual. The QAC program was identified as one of the key factors in the growth of the association and recognition that BCICA is the voice of professional mechanical insulation contractors in BC.

President O'Donnell was followed by Mr. Brian Hofler, an association management consultant working on behalf of BCICA. Mr. Hofler reported that presentations regarding the QAC were made to several Mechanical Engineering firms in BC. These included WSP in Victoria, Rocky Point Engineers in Langley and the Integral Group noting that the first specification for a QAC was included in a job tendered by Integral this past summer.

Mr. Hofler attended the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada Conference in Victoria and reported that delegates were aware of the BCICA QAC program and applauded BCICA's efforts to introduce consistent standards for the installation of mechanical insulation.

As well, Mr. Hofler gave a brief overview of the Council of Construction Trade Association's (COCTA) efforts on behalf fo trade contractors in BC. Of particular importance is the issue of Prompt Payment Legislation and ensuring the trade contractors have a greater voice in trade training and apprenticeship in BC. To this end, COCTA has managed to make an impact on the Industry Training Authority (ITA) by establishing the criteria for individuals wishing to sit on the Sector Advisory Council for the construction industry.

BCICA Treasurer, and the Director responsible for the success of the Mesothelioma Golf Tournament, Mr. Andre Pachon, provided a clear review of the associations finances. He noted that many of the development costs of the QAC are complete and now it is up to the mechanical consultant to specify the QAC. Mr. Pachon urged those present to promote every job as a QAC job and review all tender documents to see if the QAC is specified.   

Elections for the Board of Directors were also held. Three Active (contractor) Member postions were available. The new BCICA Board of Directors is a follows:

Joe O'Donnell - President, Brad Haysom - Vice President, Andre Pachon - Treasurer, George Thompson - Director, Gary Temple - Director, Bill Jaeggle - Director, Chris Ishkanian - Director, Jeff Webb - Director. 


QAC Presentation to Rocky Point Engineers

Mr. Scott McEachern, AScT, LEED®AP, Principal, Manager Construction Services at Rocky Point Engineering Ltd. and twelve other engineers, was recently treated to a joint presentation on the value of mechanical insulation in the boardroom at their Langley offices.

Mr. Neil Munro, of B.C. Insulators, began by explaining the value of properly installed MI work and the challenges faced by industry as the quality of workmanship and materials declines. Mr.Munro provided a visual display that clearly showed the difference between work done to specification and the results that occur when work and materials do not meet industry best practices.

Mr. Munro was followed by Mr. Micah Lang, an Energy + Resources Planner for HB Lanarc. HB Lanarc is a planning and design firm that authored "Pipes Need Jackets Too", a white paper commissioned by B.C. Insulators, that outlines the benefits of mechanical insulation for energy conservation (pipes need jackets too - Energy Conservation Specialists). Mr. Lang provided some hard facts and interesting statistics about the energy conservation gains when mechanical insulation is installed to specification, and contrasted that with the conservation losses attributed to mechanical insulation poorly executed, using materials that do not meet published standards. 

After hearing about the value of MI insulation on specific projects, as well the effect to the environment in general when energy is conserved, the engineers at Rocky Point were looking for answers. Fortunately, the BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate program provides a simple, cost effective solution for conscientious engineers concerned about energy conservation as well as ROI for their clients.

Mr. Brian Hofler of BCICA provided Rocky Point engineers with an overview of the QAC program, a tool specifically designed to give engineers, building owners, and contractors a clear framework for the quality of labour and materials expected on mechanical insulation work. Mr. Hofler provided a review of the QAC program and it's benefit to all participants, it's estimated costs , as well as wording that might be used in a master specification.

Specifying authorities requiring the BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) should insert the following wording into their specifications:

  1. Quality Assurance Certificate Program

    To qualify for the QAC Program, workmanship must conform to the latest QAC Standards as published in the BCICA Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation (Commercial and Institutional Buildings) Manual (QSMIM).

  2. Accepted Materials
    Only materials that conform to the standards listed in the QSMIM and accepted by BCICA
     may be used in the QAC Program.

  3. Qualification of Workers

    Materials must be installed by tradespersons with a Red Seal or TQ designation in the Heat and Frost trade, and / or registered apprentices / helpers supervised by qualified journeypersons.

  4. Independent Inspection

    Inspection as required under the QAC Program is to be performed by an independent inspector specifically “designated” by BCICA for the purpose of inspecting QAC Program. 

The participants were eager to receive a folder of information from BCICA which included a copy of the new Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation Manual on a USB stick labelled with the distinctive BCICA Logo.

And, although the measurement of success for this presentation, as well as all the promotional activities on behalf of BCICA and the QAC will become evident once the QAC becomes part of a specification, the opportunity to meet with the employees at Rocky Point Engineering Ltd., was a reminder that "face to face" education and training initiatives are always well received.  


Welcome Molly Shipowich

BCICA is pleased to welcome Molly Shipowich as the new office administrator. Molly began her administrative duties with BCICA on September 1 and is already in the process of acquainting herself with the day to day activities of the association, as well as the annual events that make BCICA a unique organization.

Molly brings a wealth of association experience to BCICA due to her role as office manager for several not for profit organizations in the construction industry. These include the BC Building Envelope Council (BCBEC), the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI - Western Chapter, as well as the Educational Facilities Manager Association of BC (EFMABC).

Molly's expertise and industry contacts will be of great value as BCICA continues to professionalize, update its administrative procedures and introduce the Quality Assurance Certificate program to the mechanical insulation industry. Molly can be contacted by email at info@bcica.org.



A QAC Lunch and Learn for WSP Engineers

Mechanical Engineers employed by WSP Canada Inc. where treated to a unique "lunch and learn" in Victoria following the TIAC Convention. Mr. Steve Clayman, TIAC Director of Energy Initiatives, Mr. Neil Munro of BC Insulators Local 118 and Mr. Brian Hofler of BCICA joined ranks to present timely information on mechanical insulation.

Mr. Clayman delivered a power point presentation that extolled the value of mechanical insulation and the importance that work done to specification means for energy conservation. He expressed the importance of the work done by mechanical insulation associations across Canada and included reference to BCICA and the QAC program in his presentation.

Mr. Munro porvided needed technical support and clearly outlined the initiatives and investment that BC Insulators Local 118 has made in promoting awareness of mechanical insulation as a cost effective investment in energy conservation. 

Mr. Hofler provided materials that introduced the engineers to BCICA and how the association developed the QAC. The Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation manual, copied to USP drives sporting the BCICA logo, were provided to every participant. Mr. Hofler facilitated a power point presentation outlining the BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate program and fielded questions regarding the finer points of the program. The engineers were particularly intrigued by the commitment of BCICA to developing a program that focussed on labour, materials, and independent inspection at a modest cost. Upon hearing the potential cost of the QAC for a paticular job, one engineer exclaimed, "what are we waiting for?"

BCICA intends to deliver "lunch and learns" to specifiers throughout BC during the fall of 2014. If you or your business colleagues wish to have a BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate program presentaion at your office, please contact Mr. Hofler at brian.bcica@ telus.net. and partner with BCICA in "saving energy for the future"


BCICA Members attend TIAC Convention in Victoria

Members of BCICA took the time to attend the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC) convention held recently in Victoria, B.C. Judging from the variety of the program, and the enthusiasm of the conference delegates, the 2014 Conference was a resounding success.

Featured speakers included Dr, Martin Collis - a renowned speaker on Workplace Wellness , Mr. George Hedley, who spoke about Entrepreneurial Excellence, and Mr. Amos Avitan, speaker and author of : Attitude - The Most Powerful Tool you possess. All the presenters stressed the importance of a healthy and qualified workforce as key components for profitable and successful mechanical insulation companies. "Mens sana in copore sano" (a sound mind in a sound body) as the Romans used to say. 

Delegates were also updated on TIAC / NIA activities by Mr. Steve Clayman and, Mr. Lee Loftus of Local 118 provided and overview of CanAm Meetings. Other items on the agenda included breakout sessions for Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, a meeting of Presidents and Managers, and of course the Annual General Meeting. 

Successful conferences have one thing in common - successful social events. TIAC pulled out all stops to make sure that delegates and their significant others had several opportunities to an meet and greet their colleagues from across the country. Whether it was golf, whale watching or the unique dinner held at the Royal BC Museum and featuring food representative of a variety of cultures in the capital city, the convention had something for everyone. 

BCICA was mentioned on several occasions for it's progressive Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) Program. The QAC, the centre of the BCICA marketing campaign that highlights quality workmanship, materials that meet nationals standards, and inspection by independent and purposely trained  inspectors, is raising the consciousness of specifiers throughout BC.  

BCICA - Saving Energy for the Future or "Salva Virtute in Posterum" as the Romans would say.