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Aug - 24 -  TIAC Conference (Montreal)

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Dec - 10 - BOD Meeting / BOD Luncheon



MI News - Spring 2015 Issue Released


If you would like printed copies of either the MI Newsletter, or the QAC Information Handout, please contact Molly at: office@bcica.org.

Please provide your Company Name and the Number of Copies of:  1 - Newsletter and / or 2. QAC Information Handout. Copies will be sent to you as quickly as possible.




Quality Assurance Certificate Program added to specs


Vancouver-based Integral Group has added the B.C. Insulation Contractors Association's (BCICA) Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) Program to its master specifications — a move that has implications for how mechanical insulation is installed on projects they manage and who can perform the work.

"This means any job that comes out with the Integral Group will require a BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate," said BCICA member, Chris Ishkanian.

"We're early in the program and haven't done any inspections yet on Integral projects, but there are three or four projects registered with the BCICA office—some projects have not yet been awarded or have not started."

Under the QAC, the mechanical insulation contractor, who was the successful bidder on the project, registers the project with the BCICA, which assigns a Certified Insulation Inspector (CII) to oversee the work.

CIIs must complete a specialized mechanical insulation inspector training program through the B.C. Institute of Technology (BCIT).

They then apply for designation with the BCICA after completing the association's one-day course.

The BCICA currently has five designated inspectors.

Geoff McDonnell, an engineer with Integral Group, said the firm decided to implement the QAC because of several instances of poor insulation finishing and poor quality installations experienced over the past three years.

"We needed something with a defined, reviewable standard of quality to be able to enforce something in the field, rather than accepting being told, 'this is what the industry standard is,'" he said.

His crews encountered improperly finished vapour barriers on cold pipes, loose insulation with silver taped elbows and fittings, rather than properly mitred, and purpose-formed insulation sections.

Two of Integral Group's registered projects are currently under construction—Vancouver Talmud Torah School and UBC's Quantum Matter Institute.

"About a dozen more are just coming through the design to construction start stage that include the QAC requirements in our specifications," said McDonnell.

Jobs specified to meet the QAC criteria must be performed by BCICA contractors.

"There are procedures within the BCICA bylaws to deal with discrepancies between the specifications and the work being performed," said Ishkanian.

"BCICA has the mandate within their bylaws to intervene on a project if all other avenues to agree on a solution have been exhausted.

"If it is a non-member company doing the work, BCICA has no leverage to ensure the work gets done correctly."

Problems can arise when the mechanical contractor doesn't realize the job is a QAC project and hires a non-member insulator to complete the work.

"The engineer is not involved with the tendering process and quite often isn't aware who the subtrades are until the project is well underway," said Ishkanian.

"If the mechanical contractor doesn't know what the requirements are for a QAC project and awards the job to an insulation contractor, who isn't a BCICA member, we can't do the inspection.

"In our view this would be a deviation from the specifications and the engineer will ultimately have to decide what to do next."

Integral Group will avoid the problem by educating its in-house design staff, who also perform the filed reviews.

It holds in-house seminars with the BCICA and runs a weekly internal Design Series, which help junior and senior designers learn what to watch out for.

"We also have been making sure we photograph both the bad and the good installations during the site reviews and circulate the 'what I saw on site today' emails to the staff on a semi-regular basis," said McDonnell.

The program asserts that at least one person working on the project must have a Red Seal ticket or, if a member of a unionized shop, a TQ Designation.

Under the program, the CII must perform a pre-construction meeting with the insulation contractor, a series of site inspections and a final inspection.

All reports are submitted to the BCICA office with copies distributed to all the stakeholders.

"An independent, properly trained, third party inspector is ensuring the work is done to spec," said Ishkanian.

"It provides the mechanical engineer and the owner the piece of mind that the work has been performed to proper standards."

The BCICA has both union and open-shop members and will accept applications from dedicated mechanical insulation contractors that meet the association's minimum requirements for proving themselves reputable contractors.


QAC Specified

Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) Specified

Mechanical Contractors should take note that the BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC) Program has recently been specified for both piping and duct insulation projects.

Integral Group has written the QAC into their master specification to ensure that mechanical insulation work is installed by qualified journeypersons / apprentices, using materials that meet ASTM and CAN/ULC Standards.

The reference to a QAC is listed under “General” in the specification documents and may appear as follows:

All insulation shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the “BC Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) Standards Manual” as reference standard. This project requires the Mechanical Insulation Contractor to provide a BCICA Quality Assurance Certificate (QAC). The Mechanical Insulation Contractor shall register this project with BCICA and shall be in full compliance with the requirements of the QAC Program. Materials must be installed by tradespersons with a Red Seal or TQ Designation in the Heat and Frost Trade as detailed in the QAC Program.

The standards that insulation materials must comply with are listed in the Quality Standards for Mechanical Insulation manual, rewritten and published by BCICA to meet or exceed current B.C. Building Code requirements.

All QAC work requires independent purpose-trained mechanical insulation (MI) inspectors assigned by BCICA through the project registration process.  Mechanical insulation contractors are required to register the project with BCICA upon being awarded the project. BCICA has designated several inspectors to inspect QAC work. Designated inspectors must have completed Certified Insulation Inspection courses (mechanical insulation only) facilitated by BCIT, a workshop on the QAC and the QAC Inspection Program through BCICA, and have demonstrated expertise in commercial construction quality assurance practices.

Mechanical contractors are reminded that the QAC is only available from BCICA members. 


8th Annual BCICA Mesothelioma Golf Tournament Fundraiser

A new year is upon us and it's that time again. Time to register for this year's BCICA Mesothelioma Golf Tournament Fundraiser.

This will be our 8th year holding the yearly tournament and every year has bigger and more successful than the year before. Let's set a new record in attendance and raise some funds for a great cause.

Registration and sponsor deadline is Friday, May 15th for the May 29th tournament.


Click here for the registration form.


MI News - Winter 2014 Issue Released

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