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2018 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 9-Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 6-BOD M

Mar - 6-BOD

Apr - BOD  / Industry Dinner Meeting

May - 8-BOD

May 25 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament

June -12-BOD  

July - 10-BOD

Aug - No Meetings

Sept - 5 BOD Meeting

Sept - 7-10-TIAC Conference 

Oct - 23 - BOD Meeting

Nov - 15 - BOD / AGM / Dinner Presentation with Ronald Coleman (Executive Suites Hotel Bby)

Dec - 8 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino Rmd.

Dec - 18 - BOD / BOD Luncheon



Associate Members "step up" and Supply Materials

When the call went out for material donations in support of the BCICA Inspector Training Program, the associate members did not hesitate in offering to supply everything required to ensure that prospective inspectors had the opportunity to experience working with the latest and best materials availalbe to professional mechanical contractors.

BCICA partnered with BCIT to develop and facilitate four courses designed to prepare qualified individuals for mechanical inspection work. Three of the courses, PPGS 1110, 1120 and 1130 are online and can be accessed from any internet connection. However, PPGS 1140 requires students to attend a two day "hands on" workshop at the BCIT Campus in Burnaby BC. PPGS 1140 provides students with an opportunity to view mechanical insulation installed incorrectly in order to prepare them for actual field inspection. It offers students a chance to observe and complete an observational report that helps prepare them to identify work that is deficient and does not meet industry best practices.

BCICA wishes to thank all of our Associate Members for their support of the various initiatives undertaken by the association to promote professionalism in the mechanical insulation industry. In particular the BCICA Board wishes to acknowledge the material contributions to the PPGS 1140 course from All Therm Services Inc., BrockWhite Construction Materials Inc., Nu-West Construction Products Inc., Shur-fit Products Ltd., and Winroc-SPI.

Thanks to everyone for your generous contributions and continuous support for professional mechanical contractors. 



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