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COCTA hires Executive Director to help facilitate integration of trades training

“Improved dialogue with provincial government and Industry Training Authority a top priority"                     

July 14, 2014

VICTORIA, BC: Spurred on by the growing demand for skilled trades workers, the BC Council of Construction Trades Associations (COCTA) today announced the hiring of an Executive Director to help facilitate the integration of trades training.

"The provincial government has been undertaking an extensive review of trades training, but unfortunately they have not been talking to our association even though it is our membership that does the majority of trades training or provide direction to training facilities here in BC," stated COCTA Chair Dana Taylor.

"Through our twelve associations, COCTA represents over 1000 trade contractors throughout the province of British Columbia," noted Mr. Taylor.  "We support the provincial government's goal of a seamless outcome orientated apprenticeship training system, but as government has not approached us directly to discuss how to achieve that, we recognize that it is now time for us to talk to government if that dream is ever to be achieved."

To that end COCTA announced it was hiring long time political consultant and a past President and CEO of the BC Construction Association, Michael Geoghegan, as its Executive Director.

As a consultant for COCTA Michael Geoghegan played a key role in convincing the provincial government to implement an Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit a program which continues to this day.

"The BC Council of Construction Trade Associations (COCTA) was formed over 35 years ago to represent the joint interest of the construction trades to the public, the rest of the construction industry and to all levels of government," noted Mike Geoghegan.  "As COCTA's new Executive Director, improved dialogue with the provincial government and the Industry Training Authority will be my top priority," he added.

"Skilled trades in both the construction and resource sector represent one of the few career paths left in our society where a young person can hope to get a job which pays enough to support themselves and a family without being buried under a mountain of student loan debt.  It is for this reason that we will also be working closely with government officials to ensure that anyone interested in becoming a skilled trades person has the opportunity to do so," concluded Geoghegan


For more information please contact:

Dana Taylor Chair                  Michael Geoghegan Executive Director

cell 604-318-2275                   cell 250-881-0969