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2019 Annual Event Calendar

Jan - 15 - Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Feb - 12 - BOD 

Mar - 12 - BOD

Mar - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Apr - 16 - BOD  

Apr - 24 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 14 - BOD

May - 29 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

May - 28-31- EFMA Conterence in Penticton

May - 31 - Mesothelioma Golf Tournament at North View (REGISTER EARLY)

June - 04 - BOD  

June - 26 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

July - 09 - BOD

July - 31 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Aug - 24 -  TIAC Conference (Montreal)

Sept - 10 - BOD 

Sept - 25 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Oct - 15 - BOD 

Oct - 30 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

       Nov - 12 - BOD / AGM

       Nov - 27 - Contractor's Breakfast Meeting / ABC Resturant Coquitlam

Dec - 7 - Christmas Dinner at River Rock Casino (LIMITED SEATING - REGISTER EARLY)

Dec - 10 - BOD Meeting / BOD Luncheon


The BC Insulation Contractors Association

Welcome to the BCICA website, your source for the latest news and resources related to the mechanical insulation industry.

*** Important Association Update ***

News on Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, QACP, QSMIM, Marketing, Support and Membership.  Please follow the link below for more information.

About the BCICA  

The British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) is an association of professional mechanical insulation contractors, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of insulation materials and systems, specifically designed for use in the commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential and marine industries.

BCICA has operated continuously since 1958 and is recognized as an industry leader by architects, specifying authorities, consulting engineers and others responsible for designing and tendering mechanical insulation systems throughout British Columbia.

As a part of its commitment to “saving energy for the future”, BCICA has developed a Quality Assurance Certificate Program (QACP) that will demonstrate measurable energy conservation savings while at the same time ensuring a shorter ROI for the investor, and lower long term operational costs for building owners, tenants and residents.


British Columbia's Insulation Professionals
The British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association serves its members and the construction industry through the development of standards and procedures, member training and professional networking.


Our members are respected firms who are trained in our professional standards of performance, and have access to the latest industry information.

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BCICA members receive the complete documention of the BCICA manual in print and also have online access to this resource. Architects may also qualify - contact us about architect privileges.

If you are an insulation professional and are interested in joining BCICA, click here.

Members can go directly to the login page.



"Our mission is to provide our members with the most current industry information, create and maintain a standard of work that provides the best value for our customers, and to provide information and installation standards to specifiers and end users."

The British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association (BCICA) has operated continuously since 1958 and was originally started to develop and distribute mechanical insulation standards to designers, specifying authorities and users of mechanical insulation systems. The association has grown to represent all elements of the insulation industry; union contractors, open shop contractors, distributors and fabricators, and manufacturers.

The rising cost of energy enhances the value of the services our members provide. Insulation is one of the few methods of controlling energy costs that have an absolute financial payback to the owner or end-user of a facility. The impact of the investment is noticed immediately and the benefits of a properly maintained mechanical system will continue to be realized over the life of the building.

Our member companies can assist in the preparation of a comprehensive analysis of energy savings for a specific application, whether it is simply analyzing the cost impact of insulating one steam line or something as complex as performing an energy appraisal of a facility. Not only can our members assist in analyzing the financial impact of an insulation application, we can also provide greenhouse gas emission reductions within the report. As Canada has ratified the Kyoto Accord, this information will become vital as we attempt to measure the results of our efforts to achieve the stated greenhouse gas emission targets that have been established under the Accord.

Another important service our members provide is an up to date quality standards manual. The BCICA Quality Standards for materials and installation procedures are based on accepted standard practices and experience of the members of the BCICA, and are published with the purpose of assisting in the preparation of commonsense mechanical insulation, firestopping and smoke seals and asbestos abatement specifications while ensuring a balance between economy and efficiency.

The Insulation Industry Scope of Work is included to provide a format for tendering of insulation sub trade work and to provide clarity to the tendering system, all in the best interests of the Owners, specifying authorities, and Insulation Contractors. It also provides the user with a variety of finishing systems options to ensure the optimum scope of work for each specific application.

In addition to the mechanical insulation and accessory products listed in the Mechanical Insulation sections of the Quality Standards, other mechanical insulation and accessory products are available. The BCICA Quality Standards does not include insulation and accessories primarily developed for industrial projects as the standards are intended to cover only those insulation and accessory products manufactured for the use in commercial and institutional buildings. Information regarding the availability and suitability of other insulation and accessory products for industrial projects is obtainable through local manufacturer and supplier members of the British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association.

All of the statements, opinions, specification and recommendations for the use, or installation of systems or materials, or for the use or application of the materials contained in this publication are for general information purposes only and are not intended to imply that these are the only materials, procedures, or methods, which are available or suitable.

The materials, methods or systems discussed may vary according to the particular circumstances, the specific design situation, the applicable building codes, and statutory or regulatory requirements. The information contained herein is not intended to constitute or render engineering, architectural, legal, or other professional services or advice, nor should it be a substitute for services or advice from an experienced professional directed to the specific design situation.

While all of the information in this publication is believed to be accurate and reliable, it is presented without guarantee or responsibility on the part of the British Columbia Insulation Contractors Association.

None of this information herein is intended to constitute or create any express or implied warranties of any kind whatsoever including, but not limited to any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the suitability of a mechanical insulation system, firestopping and smoke seal system, asbestos removal system, or any process, procedure, method, or system for a particular use or purpose.